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Investment Team

The TT Global Environmental Impact Fund is managed by TT's Environmental Solutions team based in London and Hong Kong

Investment team backed by ESG specialist and advisory board


The investment team comprises nine members that include portfolio managers and analysts, with further support provided by TT’s dedicated Head of ESG and a separate and independent advisory board. 

The Fund benefits from the collective expertise of five dedicated analysts based in London, as well as four analysts based in Hong Kong who look to find the best ideas from across Asia, notably in China. The analysts have significant expertise in the critically important sectors of Utilities and Industrials, as well as in renewables investing more generally. They are also experienced in analysing companies around the world, including Emerging Markets, ensuring that the strategy has a truly global reach.​

The team managing the Fund forms part of a wider investment team at TT. Learn more about TT's investment teams.  

Portfolio Management

Ultimate responsibility for the Fund rests with the

Co-Portfolio Managers, Harry Thomas and Andrew Raikes. Position sizing, risk management and portfolio construction considerations are all areas overseen by Harry and Andrew.


The portfolio managers rely on idea generation and insight provided by the entire team, as well as the wider TT investment team. ​

Harry Thomas

Co-Portfolio Manager


Harry is Co-Portfolio Manager of our Environmental Solutions Strategy and a Senior Emerging Markets Analyst. Prior to joining TT in 2012, he worked at UBS in Emerging EMEA Equity Sales. Harry graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.​

andy.min-3x496 (1).png

Andy Raikes

Co-Portfolio Manager


Andy is Co-Portfolio Manager of the Fund and is also Head of European Research. Andy joined TT in 2002 from Deutsche Asset Management where he was a Director and Head of the Global Retail and Leisure Team. Andy graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA and MEng.​

Advisory Board

The Fund benefits from the input of a four-member Research Advisory Board that consists of leading environmental policymakers and experts such as Dr Ma Jun, a key green policy adviser in China and Co-Chair of the G20 Green Finance Study Group.


The purpose of the board is to challenge, inform, advise and connect our investment team, providing an additional layer of scrutiny and insight.  ​


Dr Ma Jun



  • Special advisor to the Governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC)

  • Co-chair of the G20’s Green Finance Study Group

Recent Topics

  • China 2060 net zero pledge

  • 2021’s 5 year plan

joseph bull.jpg

Dr Joseph Bull



  • Quantitative conservation scientist with an academic background in ecology and physics. 

  • A university lecturer and consultant 

Recent Topics

  • Biomass for BECCS

  • Nuances surrounding bioplastics
    Dietary impacts on land use


James L. Brown



  • Renewable energy expert

  • Currently responsible for building a European and North American offshore wind project pipeline 

Recent Topics

  • Vestas’ positioning in the offshore wind market

  • Likely evolution of floating offshore wind technology and discussion of turbine economics


Karen McClellan

Green Finance


  • Advisor, board member and investor in clean tech companies and emerging market clean energy projects

  • Background in senior banking positions

Recent Topics

  • Enhancing our framework for analysing the environmental impact of companies

  • Decentralised application of hydrogen fuel technology

  • Agenda of Biden administration

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