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Impact investing: the next level

Revenue sharing with charities can give investors in the Fund a greater awareness of the impact their investment decision is making​

The first generation of impact investment strategies have been successful in  channeling their capital towards companies that are enabling the green transition.​

TT has taken this a step further by sharing its revenue with charities that make a direct impact on the environment. ​

TT aims to take a lead in this regard as one-third of all TT's management fees are given to carefully selected environmental charities that help to tackle the twin problems of climate change and biodiversity loss.​

Which Charities are supported?

Currently, four charities are being sponsored through the Fund’s investment program.

University of Western Australia’s Ocean Institute

With over 200 scientists working to deepen the understanding of the world's oceans, this leader in marine research has multiple projects underway to protect and explore the Indian Ocean and beyond.


GreenWave, the nonprofit leader in the field, works to replicate the regenerative ocean farming model in coastal communities throughout North America to create a blue green economy—built and led by ocean farmers—that ensures we all make a living on a living planet.


Heal is a UK-based charity looking to establish 500-acre sites in the English lowlands, which will be ‘rewilded’ with the help of indigenous grazers such as ponies and boars​.

Thousand Year Trust

The Thousand Year Trust aims to triple the amount of Atlantic temperate rainforest growing across the UK over the next 30 years from the current assessed 330,000 acres to one million acres.

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